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About Bizim Toptan

Bizim Toptan maintains its standing as Türkiye’s most innovative trading platform with its multi-channel widespread sales model while continuing to contribute to traditional channel retailing and the national economy with the business partnership supply system SEÇ Market, it acquired it in July 2014.

Having completed its foundation works in 2001 and commenced its activities in the Cash&Carry (Organized Wholesale Trade) industry with 14 stores in 2002, Bizim Toptan carries out wholesale and retail sales of its Private Label products with the brands of high consumer awareness of national and international companies operating in Türkiye.

There are approximately 8,000 products in its product portfolio, which consists of main product categories such as food, non-alcoholic beverages, cleaning, personal care, paper products, and tobacco products. The company, which aims to meet the needs of all its customers from a single point with an average of 3,500 stock items per store, is the largest company of the multi-channel trading platform in terms of the number of stores in Türkiye and the most widespread in terms of accessibility, both in terms of customer portfolio and sales methods.

With its multi-channel customer portfolio, the Company sells to both commercial taxpayers and individual customers. Grocery stores, markets, specialized retailers, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, gas station markets, school canteens, SEÇ Market business partners and individual customers constitute the general customer portfolio of the company.

As Türkiye’s most innovative trading platform, Bizim Toptan, which is a pioneer in its sector in the changing and developing market structure, has also adopted a multi-channel structure in its sales methods. The company continues to contribute to the traditional channel retailers and the country’s economy with the business partnership goods supply system SEÇ Market, which it acquired in July 2014. Bizim Toptan became the supplier of the member franchises in this system and became the leading and strongest company in the industry with a business partnership goods supply system With the SEÇ Market system, Bizim Toptan undertook the supplier of member dealer markets, thus becoming became the leading and strongest company in the sector with a business partnership goods supply system.

By establishing the professional sales force PROSAF in 2017, it aimed to be a professional solution partner that offers products specific to the needs of corporate customers and gas station markets, especially at out-of-home consumption points, with customer-type-specific campaigns. In addition, with its digital infrastructure developed day by day, it has transferred the physical merchandising experience to digital with the cargo and click & pick up method.

With the importance it places on digitalization and development, Bizim Toptan changed its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in 2022 and switched to SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software. Bizim Toptan is distinguished from its competitors with its artificial intelligence-supported customer relationship management (CRM) applications and as of the end of 2022, 180 stores, 4 main warehouses and 7 cold warehouses in 72 provinces of Türkiye in addition to 2,409 SEÇ Market business partners.

The shares of the company were offered to the public in 2011 and listed on Borsa Istanbul as of February 3, 2011. Acting with a cash-generating growth strategy and aiming to create value for all of its stakeholders, Bizim Toptan has a dividend policy of “distributing 50% of the distributable net profit as cash dividend to shareholders with the proposal of Board of Directors and the approval of the General Assembly based on CMB notifications and regulations, taking into account the investment, financing plans and profitability pursuant to the Company’s long-term growth strategies”.