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About Bizim Toptan

Bizim Toptan, who was incorporated in 2001 and started its operations in 2002, is the biggest Cash & Carry player in Turkey by means of number of stores and accessibility. According to a research of the Fortune 500 for the year of 2000, the company is the 63rd biggest company of Turkey. The company is one of the strongest companies of Cash & Carry market in terms of the ability to satisfy customer needs with its nationwide portfolio consisting of 8000 SKUs. As the buying power of the households and total consumption are increasing, there is a significant growth opportunity for both the Cash & Carry market and the company in the medium and long term. Although it is hard to do an exact market research in Cash & Carry market, it is estimated that in recent years market growth rate is higher than FMCG market’s growth rate.

The Company operates a chain of wholesale Cash & Carry stores throughout Turkey from which it sells mainly branded food products, non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco, household chemicals and personal hygiene products. The products can be categorized as branded and private label products. Branded products are regularly stocked products carrying well-known international and national brands. Company purchases the branded products from reputable international and national suppliers, and generally work with the market leader, the market follower as well as with convenience brands in each product category. The Company’s current private label offering represented 21% of domestic non-tobacco sales revenue as of 31 December 2020

Incorporated in 2001, Bizim Toptan began its operations in 2002 with 14 stores, of which 8 were operated under a franchising arrangement. In 2006 and into 2007, the Company transitioned from a franchise model to becoming a full fledge operator of their own stores, with a determined focus on driving profitable growth and to capture the opportunities emerging within the Turkish wholesale market at that time. In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Bizim Toptan opened 20, 11, 7, 12, 15, 13, 15, 1, 3, 6 and 14 new stores, respectively. In 2018 company openned new stores, whereas closed some of existing stores. In 2019 Bizim Toptan openned 1 new store in net. In 2020 the Company openned 3 new store, relocated 2 of its existing stores and closed 4 stores. Therefore, as of 2020, Bizim Toptan reached 173 stores in 70 cities of Turkey with a net sales area of 175.600 sqm. As of December 31, 2020, Bizim Toptan had around 2.2 million active customers (customers that purchased products from our stores at least once during the preceding 12-month period). The customers include wholesalers, traders, ‘‘bakkals’’ (local small grocery stores with less than 50 square meters of floor space), markets (local markets, between 50 and 400 square meters of floor space), supermarkets (stores with more than 400 square meters of floor space), specialized retailers, corporate institutions, HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés) customers and others. In addition to this, on the July 16, 2014, Bizim Toptan acquired a franchising system in order to increase the penetration in traditional channel. Those franchisees are not only the business partners but also the part of a market channel customers. The number of the franchisees reached 1.209 as of 31 December 2020. Bizim Toptan continues to expand its franchising business day by day.