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With the decision of the board dated July 25, 2023: the following decisions were passed upon review of our committees pursuant to the provisions of the Corporate Governance Communiqué No:II-14.1 (“Communiqué”) of the Capital Markets Board (“CMB”);

  • Independent Board Member Ahmet Bal was eleceted as the Head of Audit Committee while, Independent Board Member Berin Akarsu was elected as the members of the Audit Committee unanimously
  • Independent Board Member berin Akarsu was elected unanimously as the Head of Corporate Governance Committee while, Cengiz Solakoğlu (Chairman of the Board) and Işıl Bük (Investor Relations Senior Manager) were selected unanimously to serve in the Corporate Governance Committee as being the committee member.
  • Independent Board Member Ömer Faruk Sevgili was elected as the Chairman of the Early Detection of Risks Committee and Cengiz Solakoğlu (Chairman of Board) was elected as member of the Early Detection of Risks Committee unanimously
  • Corporate Governance Committee empowered to also perform the duties of both the Nomination Committee and the Compensation Committee.