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  • 2022
    In 2022, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was commissioned and started to use SAP. It continued to move away from efficiency and sustainability. Bizim Toptan, which improved its structure, added Denizli warehouse to its main warehouse at the end of the year. In addition, it established a solar power plant with a power of 264 Kwp to generate all the electrical energy needed by the Gebze store. HSE Market number increased from 1,726 to 2,409; The number of stores in which PROSAF operates increased from 105 to 117. Self-branded product launches continued unabated, as they do every year, reaching 435 SKUs in the aforementioned category. The share of private label business, cigarette and sugar excluding sugar sales increased to approximately 28%. On top of these successes, our company has renewed its own record again and achieved to increase its active customer payment by 2.5 million unique customers during the year. Bizim Toptan, as a strong trading platform, will continue to stand by all customer groups and all their results in 2023, regardless of B2B or B2C.
  • 2021
    Despite the ongoing pandemic conditions and macroeconomic factors in 2021, Bizim Toptan has had a successful year by improving the scope and service quality of its multi-channel sales model. It increased the number of “SEÇ Markets” in its business partnership goods supply system from 1,209 to 1,726. It continued to offer sales and logistics services to non-domestic consumption customers from 105 stores in 70 provinces of Turkey with PROSAF, its Professional Sales Force. The PROSAF operation, which also concentrates on new sales channels during the pandemic process, has become a solution partner of gas station stores and has become a much stronger sales channel during the pandemic period. Having renewed its Bizim Toptan Market application, Bizim Toptan continued its works to improve its digital channel turnover and realized a system of delivery within 24 hours in Istanbul. Breaking its own record by reaching 2 million individual customers during the year with its strong CRM infrastructure and artificial intelligence supported marketing activities, the Company served 2.3 million singular customers in total. Bizim Toptan will continue its digitalization investments in 2022 and will continue to “stand by” all customer groups, be it B2B or B2C, with its advantageous prices, wide product portfolio and high-quality private label products.
  • 2020
    With the pandemic conditions of 2020, Bizim Toptan considered protecting the health of its customers and employees as top priority and continued its uninterrupted service under any circumstances. It took steps to digitalize in order to improve its multi-channel business model and to follow trends in advance. For this purpose, it initiated a transformation on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) model, completed its infrastructure work on the digital trading platform, and implemented the Click & Collect digital sales business model in a short time in all its’ stores in Turkey. In addition to the sales network of 173 stores in 70 provinces of Turkey, the company increased the number of “SEÇ Markets” in the business partner goods supply system from 801 to 1,209. At the same time, it founded Seç Marketçilik A.Ş., where it owns 90% of the shares representing the capital for establishing a more effective and focused structure to ensure that the SEÇ Market business line is developed and managed more swiftly. Professional Sales Force PROSAF, through which Bizim Toptan offers sales and logistics services to its customers, expanded its access to 102 stores in 70 provinces of Turkey and strengthened its position as the solution partner for non-domestic consumption and corporate points of sale. With a multi-channel sale system supported by powerful CRM applications, it increased its number of active customers by 15% compared to the previous year and reached 2.2 million customers.
  • 2019
    Bizim Toptan got solid results from the steps taken regarding transformation and developed its multi-channel business model in terms of both the customer and the sales channel. In addition to the sales network of 175 stores in the 69 provinces of Turkey, the company increased the number of “SEÇ Markets” in the franchising system from 539 to 801. Professional Sales Force PROSAF, through which the company offers sales and logistics services to its customers, was positioned in 65 provinces and became the solution partner of out of home consumption and corporate points of sale. Focusing on developing its digital sales channel as well, Bizim Toptan turned its e-commerce site into a digital platform that offers customizable sales services to both corporate and individual customers. With a multi-channel sale system supported by powerful CRM applications, it increased the number of active customers by 31.3% compared to the previous year and offered services to about 1.92 million customers.
  • 2018
    During 2018, Bizim Toptan reaped the benefits of previou year’s actions and with the support of its advanced CRM appliplications, increased its active customer number by 37.2% by serving around 1.5 million customer. Bizim Toptan focused on increasing sales per store and established alternative sales channel Prosaf for servicing its customers. Company opened its first store in a shopping mall (Pendik Marina Store) and also opened Göcek Marina Store for serving marina customers. Bizim Toptan increased the number of franchise stores among its SEÇ Market Franchising System from 381 to 539 rapidly
  • 2017
    Bizim Toptan named 2017 as a period of “investing in the future” by rehabilitating and reviewing the sales strategy for reaching more profitable channels. The Company increased number of stores from 162 to 176. As a part of the execution of sales strategy, Bizim Toptan opened 7 exclusive stores for its big wholesaler customers whose basket size is the largest among customer groups. Thanks to this new strategy, existing stores performances were improved. Company continued to reach its customers by its qualified and well-priced products, and increased the sales of PL&exclusive product segment 15% of its main category sales. Bizim Toptan increased the number of its franchisees to 381 and increased the procurement ratio of the franchisees with the help of its well-priced range product portfolio.
  • 2016
    Bizim Toptan continued to focus on its channel based sales strategy in 2016 and increased its nationwide coverage from 156 stores to 162 in 68 cities of Turkey. Within the year, the Company launched new brand of its franchising system, “Seç Market” and increased the number of franchisees to 332 as of the year. simultaneously the Company more focused on its PL&exclusive product segment by increasing the number of products more than 200 and reaching 12.8% of its main category sales vs 8% of 2015.
  • 2015
    Bizim Toptan, focusing on sustainable and profitable growth with a channel-oriented sales strategy, increases the number of its stores in 67 provinces to 156 with the addition of three new stores. The number of the company’s active customers rose to 764,000 from 650,000. The number of business partners in the franchising system, which is a first in Turkish B2B area, reaches 262 by the end of the year.
  • 2014
    With 153 stores in 65 cities, Bizim Toptan increased its customer base from 445,000 to 650,000. By acquiring the franchise operations of 196 stores in July, the company became the only Cash & Carry market that operates a franchise system - a first in the Turkish B2B market.
  • 2013
    Bizim Toptan, continuing its growth strategy without slowing down, increased its number of stores to 152 in 64 cities of Turkey with 15 new stores in net which were openned during the year. The Company increased its number of active customers from 333K to more than 445K.
  • 2012
    Bizim Toptan, reaching 137 stores with its 15 new stores and expanding its network throughout the country, was able to increase its active customer count from 228k to 333k thanks to the HORECA project put in action in 2012 and its Bizim Professional Card implementation which offers customers appealing opportunities
  • 2011
    Bizim Toptan, increasing its number of stores to 124 with 15 new stores, expanding its active customer base to 228,000. Bizim Toptan has finalized initial public offering process as of January 2011, and shares of the company started to be traded at ISE on 03 February 2011.

    Public offering of the company was selected to be the most successful of the year in a research. In 2011, company has adopted a new management strategy and in this manner, weighted on HORECA segment. By the latest months of 2011, to give advantage to its customers, Bizim Professional Card project was implemented.
  • 2010
    Adding 12 new stores to its network, Bizim Toptan increased its active customers to more than 194,000. The “Cash & Carry Market in Turkey” analysis conducted by Frost & Sullivan in 2010 revealed that Bizim Toptan was the largest Turkish Cash & Carry wholesaler in terms of the number of stores.
  • 2009
    Extending its widely distributed sales network with seven additional stores, Bizim Toptan was listed as the 55th largest Turkish company in Capital Magazine’s top 500 Companies List in terms of turnover. Having strengthened its purchasing power by means of key suppliers and developing its product combination, Bizim Toptan demonstrated a successful performance despite the global economic crisis.
  • 2008
    Maintaining its growth in the sector with 11 new stores, Bizim Toptan’s total sales figures gained new momentum. Large new A-Type stores were added to the Company’s current chain of stores. Golden Horn Investments B.V. bought 20% of the Company’s shares from Yıldız Holding and became a partner in Bizim Toptan.
  • 2007
    Bizim Toptan, heading for operating its own stores as part of its new strategy, opened 20 new stores and gained the fast track in the sector. The Strategic Investment Fund bought 20% of the Company’s shares from Yıldız Holding to become partner in Bizim Toptan.
  • 2006
    Continuing operations with 59 stores throughout Turkey, Bizim Toptan transitioned from the franchising system in 2006 and began operating its own stores.
  • 2002
    After completing its incorporation process, Bizim Toptan started operations with a total of 14 stores, eight of which were under franchise. The Company quickly became the leader in the Turkish wholesale sector with a strong corporate strategy and sturdy organizational structure.
  • 2001
    Bizim Toptan, the leader in the wholesale sector, took the first step in a journey that would be filled with success. Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş. (Bizim Toptan) was incorporated in 2001 and registered in Istanbul pursuant to the articles of the Turkish Commercial Code.