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  • Material Event Disclosure - Latest News Related to Company Acquistion 4/10/2014


    Today, there are some news in Vatan Newspaper and in some websites that our company conducted negotiations regarding an acquisition with A101 Stores. We would like to inform the public that our company didn't attempt to negotiate an acquisiton and these news do not reflect the truth.


  • Material Event Disclosure - Ordinary General Assembly Results 3/25/2014
    According to the results of the ordinary general assembly of our company, Murat ÜLKER, Ali ÜLKER, Ahmet ÖZOKUR, Halil Cem KARAKAŞ, Mustafa Yaşar SERDENGEÇTİ, Tahsin PAMİR were appointed as the new board members and Cengiz SOLAKOĞLU, Ersin TARANOĞLU, Belendevi PALANDÖKEN were appointed as the new independent board members of our company. In addition to this, it has been approved that TRY 12.690.000 gross total cash dividend, which is the 50% of net distributable income of TRY 25.377.963 for the year 2013, will be distributed to our shareholders starting from May 26, 2014.
  • Material Event Disclosure - Independent Board Member Nominee 3/24/2014

    Our Board of Directors resolved to propose Bendevi Palandöken, Cengiz Solakoğlu and Ersin Taranoğlu to the General Assembly as the independent board member nominee. 

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  • Daily Low 20,50
  • Daily High 20,75
  • Daily Turnover 565.666,40
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Summary KPIs*

  • Sales Revenues 2.246.842.473
  • EBITDA (TRL) 69.056.675
  • Net Profit 39.820.599
  • Number of Stores 152
  • Number of Customers 445 K
  • Net Sales Area (m²) 153.715

(*): data for the year 2013