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  • General Assembly Meeting Invitation 3/28/2017

    Invitation letter and the documents about the 2016 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting has been announced on Borsa Istanbul and investor relations website.


  • Material Event Disclosure - Disclosure of 4Q2016 Financial Results 3/1/2017

    Dear Shareholders,

    4Q2016 financial results have been announced on Borsa Istanbul.

  • Material Event Disclosure - Announcement Regarding the Board Member Appointment, Changes in Management Team and Share Buyback Evaluation 2/3/2017

    Hafize Nurtaç AFRIDI, a member of our Board of Directors, has resigned from her position. It was decided by our Board of Directors to appoint Mahmut Levent Ünlü, representing EMAP Ltd, in order to complete the remaining membership period, to be submitted for approval at the first General Assembly meeting ahead. In addition, Mahmut Levent ÜNLÜ was appointed as a member of the Corporate Governance Committee and Early Risk Detection Committee, replacing Hafize Nurtaç AFRIDI.

    As a part of the Company's restructuring plan and also performance oriented renewal strategy, our Board of Directors

    decided to make some changes in the Company's top-management team. Accordingly;

    · Bayram Ali YILDIRIM, General Manager of the Company, resigned from his position and Hüseyin BALCI has been

    appointed as General Manager.

    · Sadullah AYDIN, Financial Affairs Director (CFO) of the Company, resigned from his position and Özden EROL DUNDAR has been appointed as Financial Affairs Director (CFO).

    It has also been decided to request up to TRY 40,000,000 as capital advance, from the controlling shareholder Yıldız Holding

    A.Ş., to be used for a future capital increase, in order to support the company's growth strategy and to support a share buy-back program up to that amount.

    To the kind acknowledgement of the general public and our shareholders.


    Bizim Toptan Satış Mağazaları A.Ş.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Last 11,68
  • Daily Low 11,61
  • Daily High 11,70
  • Daily Turnover 1.576.695,69
  • BİZİM Disclaimer Daily (%0,26)

Summary KPIs*

  • Sales Revenues 2.793.159.503
  • EBITDA (TRL) 67.603.805
  • Net Profit (TRL) 1.376.142
  • Number of Stores 162
  • Number of Customers 858.000
  • Net Sales Area (m²) 163.942

(*): data for the year 2016